Four arrested blocking cement truck on Jeju Island, South Korea


Photo by Romy 롱롱

by Paco Booyah

Today, April 7, 4 people total were arrested in Gangjeong. The police where very aggressive today and blocked us excessively. They even blocked the daily human chain and dancing time even when there were no cars. This made everyone very angry and frustrated and everyone began demanding an apology from the police. Of course the police didn’t apologize because the police never do that. In response, Father Kim Sung-Hwan began blocking a cement truck. The police came and threatened to arrest him but didn’t for a long time. Father Mun and two Sisters and once activist also came and sat with him. Finally the police arrested Father Kim but not the others. The others continued to block the trucks. The police threatened to arrest them many times but didn’t, but then finally they arrested Father Mun, the activist Lee Jong-Hwa, and Sister Rosalina.

The other activists and others there struggled long and hard. It was a tough day, and it was the most people that have been arrested in a while. Since that time Sister Rosalina and Lee Jong-Hwa were questioned and released, but Father Mun and Father Kim are still in custody and were moved to the Dongbu Police Station in Jeju City.1010318_668727936508579_6609085697451965712_n

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