Nine Good Friday arrests at Lockheed Martin, Pennsylvania

photo by Steve Tawa

photo by Steve Tawa

from Brandywine Peace Community

About 25 people gathered in front of Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania in a Good Friday peace observance and protest, particularly of  the U.S.’s #1 war profiteer’s ever growing role in drone war technology and spying, which includes:
– the production of  remote-controlled drone aircraft,
– the Hellfire missile they launch against people thousands of miles away,
– and the space-based satellites through which the drone attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen, are enabled from the continental U.S.

Lockheed Martin’s war profiteering (about $43 billion per year) was remembered as our peace bell tolled and crosses (each with Lockheed Martin logos at the crucifixion nail points) were planted for the victims of war and the domestic casualties of the war economy, poverty and unmet human needs.

Following the Stations of the Cross, which included music by Tom Mullian and readings, nine people were arrested after crossing onto Lockheed Martin in an appeal of nonviolent resistance.

All: We mourn all the victims of war. We know that the profits of Lockheed Martin rest on war, militarism, and the violation of the earth. We have far too long suffered the policies of war and the social ravages of empire, corporate greed, and a war economy.  We insist that where war is business, as here at Lockheed Martin, there cannot be business as usual. We resist Lockheed Martin with Jesus’ love and a continuing commitment to justice, to honoring the earth, to peace, to the cross of nonviolent resistance.

Those arrested at Lockheed Martin on Good Friday and cited for disorderly conduct: Rev. Barry Kreider, Akron, PA; Paul Sheldon, Media, PA; Rev. David Reppert, Conshohocken, PA; Genie and William Durland, Colorado Springs, CO; Tom Mullian, Wyncote, PA; and Father Patrick Sieber, OFM, Bernadette Cronin-Geller, Robert M. Smith, all of Philadelphia, PA.