Three activists arrested at Creech drone base on International Day of Peace

photo by Ronald Mecklosky

photo by Ronald Mecklosky

from Nevada Desert Experience

Three prayerful activists were arrested at Creech Air Force Base at 7:05 a.m. on September 21 while trying to enforce the International Day of Peace. One was charged with the alleged crime of “trespassing on government land” and two were charged with the alleged crime of “pedestrian in roadway”. All were part of a larger demonstration of a dozen people holding vigil at Creech on this international holiday. The three were released on-site with promises to appear on different court dates later this fall.

The nonviolent civil resistance action took place in response to unlawful assassinations conducted by Creech personnel via armed-drone flights in several countries. Similar protests and direct actions for peace and justice in recent years have led to dozens of arrests at Creech and other drone bases.

Not only does Creech fail to cease fire on this International Day of Peace, but, “the armed drone practice is to ‘double-tap’, that is, to send a second missile, targeting first responders and families coming to the aid of the wounded. This is a particularly heinous practice,” says Brian Terrell of Nevada Desert Experience (NDE).

This past weekend NDE sponsored “Justice for our Desert,” several prayer-activities held in solidarity with hundreds of demonstrations occurring in every state in the country, sponsored by Campaign Nonviolence during the week of September 20-27 – the span from International Peace Day through International Nuclear Weapons Elimination Day.

On September 20th, the NDE activists held a vigil at Yucca Mountain to pray for an end to the proposed plans to house a commercial high level nuclear waste repository at the site. The vigil was led by Chief Johnnie Bobb of the Western Shoshone National Council, who said that Yucca Mountain belongs to the Western Shoshone according to the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley. The group received permits from the Western Shoshone National Council prior to entering the western side of the disputed land.

Afterwards, the group went to the Nevada National Security Site (the U.S. nuclear test site, formerly called the Nevada Test Site). Seven people participated in nonviolent direct action and were arrested by Nye County sheriffs after crossing the line onto the site.

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