Two military veterans and three other people arrested at Beale AFB protesting U.S. use of drones

Occupy Beale photo

Occupy Beale photo

Five activists, including two military veterans, were arrested at Beale Air Force Base in California early on the morning of Tuesday, October 20. They were protesting the use of drones by the U.S. around the world that are killing hundreds of civilians, including children. The base is home to surveillance drones which pick the targets for U.S. Predator drones.

The activists approached a main gate of the base to deliver a letter to the base commander calling for an end to the base’s involvement in drone warfare. The gate is the busiest entrance to Beale – protests in the past have backed up hundreds of cars miles outside the base.

Tuesday’s demonstration was billed as REMEMBERING THE DEAD, listing those killed by U.S. military aggressions, including – in honor of Indigenous People’s Month – the very first victims of U.S. aggression: Indigenous People.

More than 100 people have been arrested at Beale Air Force Base during repeated drone protests since 2013.