Two arrests at Creech drone base during Sacred Peace Walk

Nevada Desert Experience photo

The 24th annual Sacred Peace Walk, organized by the Nevada Desert Experience, took place from March 24-30. The group of peace walkers began in Las Vegas and concluded a week and 60 miles later at the Nevada National Security Site (formerly known as the Nevada Test Site).

From the Nevada Desert Experience website: “We walk in the footsteps of a long legacy of peace walkers and spiritual leaders to draw attention to the nuclear dangers that continue to threaten our planet, and the violent robots (RPAs or drones) continuing to kill people monthly, damaging the community of life in the desert. We also focus on the threats of nuclear waste to the Sacred Yucca Mountain.” 

Early in the morning of March 28, the Peace Walkers held signs and banners at Creech drone base in Indian Springs. Darcy Ike and Robert Majors were arrested for blockading the entrance road into the base.  (See video of action here.)

Robert Majors writes,
“About twenty minutes into our 6:30 a.m. vigil against Drone Warfare at Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada, we noticed a large amount of traffic going into the base. Moved by this increase of traffic coming from the Las Vegas direction, more than half of the people at the vigil moved in to block the roadway. There was a two minute warning given by the Las Vegas Metro Police – in this two minutes Darcy laid down to symbolize the dead killed by Drone Warfare while gravestones were laid around with the names of the victims. There were songs of peace and freedom being sung and yellow tape that says “Crime Scene Do Not Cross” was tied across the roadway. An LVMP officer took the tape off of its support pole, so Marcus and myself held it up. The peacemakers blocking traffic left the roadway before the two minutes were up and were able to avoid arrest. Darcy and myself stayed laying in the street with the crime scene tape. We were arrested and transported to Las Vegas. We were in shackles at the Clark County Detention Center by 8 a.m. with two charges (Failure to yield Right of Way and Failure to disperse). We remained in CCDC until 9 p.m. (13hrs) when we were released on our own recognizance. We will appear for court on the morning of Friday, April 27th for an arraignment to plead not guilty to these charges.”