Leafletters arrested at Global Hawk drone base

Holding signs before their arrest, three Occupy Beale activists remember a recently deceased fellow activist – Michael Kerr photo

Early on the morning of June 25, three peace activists were arrested as they leafleted cars backed up to enter Beale Air Force Base in California. The activists are part of the Occupy Beale group who have returned monthly for eight years to protest at the stateside base of the Global Hawk surveillance drones, like the one recently shot down by Iran over the Persian Gulf.

Mauro Oliveira, Shirley Osgood and Chris Nelson were arrested for trespass and taken into custody after they crossed over the boundary line to reach the commuters waiting just outside the security checkpoint. They distributed a Veterans For Peace leaflet opposing military confrontation with Iran. They were held there for about an hour before being driven into the base for processing, and released after another hour.

Flyer distributed to Beale AFB personnel