Police arrest protester at Lockheed Martin in Palo Alto, California

Photo courtesy of Bruce Druzin

from Palo Alto Online

Man spray paints sign, contacts media, waits for police

April 27, 2019

Palo Alto police arrested a 34-year-old man after he notified local media that he had just spray painted the word “Yemen” in bright red letters across the sign at Lockheed Martin’s Palo Alto headquarters on Saturday afternoon in protest of the aerospace company’s sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

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Six nuclear disarmament activists arrested on Good Friday at Lockheed Martin in Pennsylvania

Photo by Paul Sheldon

from the Brandywine Peace Community

LET US SEE WHAT LOVE CAN DO (William Penn, Quaker founder of Pennsylvania, October 18, 1681, A Letter to the Lenape Indian Nation)
It was noon on Good Friday 2019, in this Season of Passover at the Brandywine Peace Community sponsored observance, a Prayer for the Love of Humanity at Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. All participants adhere to our nonviolence discipline: observing the spirit and discipline of nonviolence “refraining (in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), from the violence of fist, tongue, and heart”.

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Good Friday line-crossing at Nevada nuclear test site results in 33 arrests, 8 taken to jail

by Jason Nellis

from Nevada Desert Experience

Mercury, Nevada – On Friday, April 20, more than two dozen people were arrested during a peaceful, nonviolent demonstration for nuclear abolition and indigenous rights (to end the occupation of the Western Shoshone Nation’s homeland) in the roadway leading to the Nevada National Security Site (N.N.S.S., formerly known as the Nevada nuclear Test Site).

Thirty-three people were detained on N.N.S.S. land until the remaining crowd left the roadway, uphill towards the historic Peace Camp. Twenty-five of those arrested were issued written warnings by Nye County, with the threat that if they return for such ritual, supervised line-crossing events the warning will turn into an actual citation with attached court dates. But eight men and women – the “Good Friday 8” – were taken to the Pahrump Jail (1520 E. Basin Ave., Pahrump, Nevada). 

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Six arrested at Good Friday witness at Pentagon

[Good Friday actions at the Nevada Test Site, Livermore Labs and Lockheed Martin in Pennsylvania will be added to the Nuclear Resister website soon.]
by Art Laffin
From Holy Thursday afternoon to Good Friday afternoon, about 20 people gathered in Washington, D.C. for a Faith and Resistance retreat and public witness that was organized by the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker and held at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church. Those who participated in the retreat/witness were members of Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, Jonah House, the Atlantic Life Community and students from Loras College from Iowa. 
Holy Thursday was a day of bible reflection, action planning and Liturgy. Good Friday was a time of public witness and heartfelt community sharing about how to conduct and communicate the intent of our nonviolent resistance actions.

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Nuclear weapons ruined my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way – by Frida Berrigan

Liz McAlister and Phil Berrigan with baby Frida

From Waging Nonviolence 

Nuclear weapons ruined my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way

As someone deeply embedded in a life of anti-nuclear resistance, I know the only way to get rid of these weapons is to never stop thinking about them.
by Frida Berrigan
April 4, 2019

I want to offer you something different than the barrage of facts and figures around nuclear weapons. But let’s establish the basics. There are nine countries that possess them: France, China, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea and — of course — Russia and the United States. Together these nine countries possess a total of 14,575 nuclear weapons, with the United States and Russia accounting for 92 percent of them.

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Message from the Kings Bay Plowshares on the one year anniversary of their nuclear disarmament action


Like most of you who have been supporting and praying for The Kings Bay Plowshares, the seven of us are very surprised that a year has passed since our April 4, 2018 faith witness at (Trident) Naval Station Kings Bay in St. Mary, Georgia.

It appears our decision to apply the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to our defense has slowed down the works. We were last in court November 19, and we are still awaiting the government’s response to several of our motions. 

On the bright side, our lawyers think the delay is a good sign that we have stumped the system by making it work hard to deny us our rights.

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Six peace activists arrested blocking Creech drone base’s front gate 

Photo by John Amidon

from Shut Down Creech

Week-long Actions Protest Killing of Civilians in Expanding U.S. Killer Drone Program
CREECH Air Force Base, Nevada – Six people – holding up bloody hands to illustrate everyone’s complicity in war crimes – were arrested at Creech drone base about 7:50 a.m. on Wednesday, April 3 as they stood at the entrance to Creech Air Force Base drone center in an attempt to stop the killing of civilians in the ever-expanding, worldwide U.S. killer drone program.

Two women and four men – two of whom are military veterans – were arrested and taken to the Clark County Jail on misdemeanor counts. When arrested they were holding a banner reading:  “Drones = Blood on our Hands.” The theme of the protest was “No more blood on our hands. Stop the terror. Stop the drone wars.”

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Jordanian anti-nuclear and environmental activist Basel Burgan released on bail after a week in detention

Basel Burgan has been released on bail after seven days in detention by Jordanian authorities. Basel became the focus of concern in Jordan when he was put into administrative detention on Tuesday, March 19.  He was detained and then arrested that day during a meeting where he and his lawyer had voluntarily gone in for questioning with the state prosecutor after being summoned. 
The case against him is rooted in Jordan’s Cyber Crimes Law. Essentially, he is alleged to have “spread false information that leads to concern and affects a public institution,” according to Article 75 of the Communications Law, and Article 15 of the Cyber Crimes Law.
Basel Burgan posted a statement on Facebook in January 2019 where he called into question the safety of the construction that houses a test nuclear reactor inside the Jordan University of Science and Technology and he referenced a report that had been leaked and published by a former employee and expert of the Nuclear Commission residing in the United States. This was the cause of his recent detention.  

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Eight arrested blockading Des Moines drone command center on St. Patrick’s Day

photo by Ryna-Ria Ignacio

from the Des Moines Catholic Worker

Veterans for Peace and Catholic Workers from across the Midwest converged on the Iowa Air National Guard Drone Command Center in Des Moines on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day at 1 p.m. Eight activists were later arrested for blocking the entrance.

The Midwest Catholic Workers – a loose collection of dozens of autonomous communities spread out in urban shelters, soup kitchens and rural farmsteads across the region – were holding their annual “Faith and Resistance Retreat” March 15-17 in Des Moines. This year’s focus was the two year Des Moines Catholic Worker and Veterans for Peace “Close the Des Moines Drone Command Center” campaign.

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Eleven nuclear resisters arrested during blockade of Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, California

photo by Len Tsou

For the third time in nine years, the Pacific Life Community (PLC) met in Menlo Park, California for their annual gathering, each time concluding with a blockade of the main gate at the nearby Lockheed Martin factory in Sunnyvale that produces the intercontinental ballistic missiles for launching nuclear weapons from both U.S. and British Trident submarines.

On Monday, March 18, about 50 people from the Pacific Life Community were joined outside the Lockheed Martin gate by members of Code Pink and the Musicians Action Group, a marching ensemble of percussion and horns who enlivened the crowd of activists with rollicking renditions of Down by the Riverside and other peace and labor rights songs. A large banner made for the last PLC blockade at Lockheed Martin – four feet tall and long enough to block four lanes of traffic – was rolled out and carried around the intersection with a bold-lettered message for the auto and rail commuters passing by: Lockheed Weapons Terrorize the World.

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