International nuclear disarmament activists are arrested in a series of actions at Germany’s Büchel Air Base

International Action Camp photo

from Nukewatch


BUECHEL, Germany — Eleven international peace activists entered the Büchel Air Base southwest of Frankfurt early in the morning of July 10 to deliver a self-named Treaty Enforcement Order declaring that the sharing of U.S. nuclear weapons at the base is a “criminal conspiracy to commit war crimes.”

Upon entering the base’s main gate with a printed “cease and desist order,” they insisted on seeing the base commander to deliver the order in person.

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Five nuclear abolition activists arrested at Trident nuclear submarine base in Scotland

Faslane Peace Camp photo


Campaigners Reclaim UK Nuke Base for Peace on Anniversary of Nuke Ban Treaty

On July 7, the second anniversary of the day that the United Nations agreed to ban the bomb, members of Trident Ploughshares used spray paint to re-decorate the main entrance of the base for peace and blocked the base’s other entrance. They were there to challenge Faslane Trident nuclear submarine base’s legitimacy and highlight the progress that has been made since a huge majority of the world’s states took the ban decision. 

The group had time to paint “Banned 7/7/17” and “Nae Nukes Anywhere” on the notice boards and “Scrap” and “Redundant” on the gate to the base. They also covered the roadway with slogans referring to the Ban Treaty. Eventually the MoD police arrived and arrested the three painters, Eoin McCarthy, Janet Fenton and Gillean Lawrence, charging them with vandalism. They were taken to Greenock police station and released shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, Brian Quail from Glasgow and Willemien Hoogendoorn from the Faslane Peace Camp were able to hold up base traffic by blocking the base’s south gate. They were cleared from the road several times.

Later Willemien and Elaine Graham locked down in the middle of the road, and were arrested and taken to jail. Willemien refused bail conditions, and remains behind bars until trial.

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Nuclear resisters Fr. Carl Kabat and Byron Clemens arrested inside Kansas City plant after red paint is poured on sign

Fr. Carl Kabat and Byron Clemens

from a report from Chrissy Kirchhoefer

As part of an annual “Interdependence Day” Plowshares Witness started in 2011, Fr. Carl Kabat, OMI returned to Kansas City on July 4 to take part in direct action at the Kansas City plant that produces 85% of the non-nuclear components of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. 

Along with Byron Clemens of St Louis, he entered the Kansas City National Security Campus, a National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) facility operated by Honeywell. Undeterred by the heavy rain, the two men were able to quickly walk into the campus. Once inside, Kabat poured red paint on the main entrance sign “to illuminate the insanity of nuclear weapons from the past, potential in the future and present misguided priorities.”

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Leafletters arrested at Global Hawk drone base

Holding signs before their arrest, three Occupy Beale activists remember a recently deceased fellow activist – Michael Kerr photo

Early on the morning of June 25, three peace activists were arrested as they leafleted cars backed up to enter Beale Air Force Base in California. The activists are part of the Occupy Beale group who have returned monthly for eight years to protest at the stateside base of the Global Hawk surveillance drones, like the one recently shot down by Iran over the Persian Gulf.

Mauro Oliveira, Shirley Osgood and Chris Nelson were arrested for trespass and taken into custody after they crossed over the boundary line to reach the commuters waiting just outside the security checkpoint. They distributed a Veterans For Peace leaflet opposing military confrontation with Iran. They were held there for about an hour before being driven into the base for processing, and released after another hour.

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German police clear blockade of nuclear weapons base

Büchel blockade – Marion Küpker photo

This year’s 20-week campaign of nonviolent action demanding withdrawal of the estimated 20 U.S. nuclear weapons stockpiled in Germany is underway.

Social and peace action groups from across Germany and overseas have taken on days or a week of responsibility for maintaining regular protest at the gates of Büchel Air base, where the weapons are kept. Büchel is Everywhere, organizers of the annual campaign, have established a peace encampment nearby that provides logistical support for each group of activists.

On June 28, more than 40 people representing the Stop Ramstein Campaign (a base implicated in U.S. drone warfare) arrived to blockade the main gate. Two smaller groups separated and walked to block the two other gates into Büchel.

The base was totally blocked for about two hours on the unseasonably hot Friday afternoon, preventing commuting personnel from leaving for the weekend. Police eventually carried demonstrators off the road and conducted ID checks before they were free to go.

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Peace activists disrupt Paris Air Show, 50 arrested

Arrested activists welcome more Disobedients onto the police bus

The French nonviolent direct action Collectif des Désobéissants (Collective of Disobedients) coordinated a series of nonviolent direct actions on June 22 to disrupt the Paris Air Show, the largest such aerospace industry and air show in the world.

The air show at Le Bourget airport serves as a showcase for arms dealers from around the world. According to the Disclose survey, French arms dealers at the Paris Air Show are involved in the deaths of many civilians in Yemen: Nexter (Leclerc tanks and Caesar cannons), Thalès (Damocles pods), Airbus (Airplanes A330MRTT, Cougar Helicopters) and Dassault (Mirage 2000-9). 

The objective of this action was to denounce the responsibility of France in the deaths of civilians in Yemen, and demand the immediate closure of this business fair for the merchants of death.

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Twenty-two protesters arrested outside Bath Iron Works in Maine before warship christening ceremony

Photo by Darcie Moore / The Times Record

from the Times Record

June 22, 2019

BATH — Police arrested 22 protesters Saturday morning who were blocking traffic or gates outside Bath Iron Works were a christening ceremony for the USS Daniel Inouye started at 10 a.m.

Bath police stated in a press release that the arrests occurred at multiple locations adjacent to the shipyard between 8:45 and 10 a.m.

According to police, protesters from Maine Veterans for Peace and Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space protested the event at various areas outside BIW.

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Eight Arrested Protesting Killer Drone Assassinations at Hancock Air National Guard Base

Photo by Mary Anne Grady Flores

From Upstate Drone Action Coalition

DeWitt, NY – On the morning of June 20, eight longtime members of the Upstate Drone Action Coalition were arrested for blocking the entrance to Hancock Airbase, home of the 174th Attack Wing. The blockade was composed of a tableau representing the aftermath of a drone strike with mothers grieving their slain children. Protesters used two large banners stating, “Drones Fly, Children Die: Our Hearts are Breaking!” and “Children are not collateral damage!” A grim reaper wheeled an 8′ high,  6′ long scale model of an MQ-9 Reaper drone through the tableau. 

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17 nuclear disarmament activists arrested at 9th Memorial Day witness at Kansas City plant

Photo by Mark A. Semet

by Jane Stoever, Peace Works Kansas City

In a rebuke to White House attempts to “make America nuclear again,” 17 peace activists were arrested for trespass during the ninth annual Memorial Day peace witness for a nuclear weapons-free world. 
Sponsored by PeaceWorks-KC, the annual event surpassed previous years’ participation by turning out some 90 peace activists. Three activists from Europe added another first—representation from a growing and global nuclear weapons abolition movement.

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Chelsea Manning’s legal team files motion to reconsider sanctions

from The Sparrow Project 

Alexandria, VA — Today (May 31), Chelsea Manning and her legal team filed a Motion to Reconsider Sanctions, in which they ask Judge Anthony Trenga to release Chelsea from confinement, and ask that he modify the fines he imposed on her.

During the May 16th contempt hearing, Judge Trenga found Ms. Manning in contempt of court and ordered her confined for the term of the grand jury. Judge Trenga also imposed graduated fines to be assessed at $500 per day starting after 30 days of confinement, and jumping to $1,000 per day after 60 days, for as long as she refuses to comply with the court’s order to answer questions before the grand jury.

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