Three people arrested in Mother’s Day demonstration at Trident nuclear sub base at Bangor, WA

Photo by Leonard Eiger. Larry Kerschner (in red shirt), Br. Gilberto Perez, and Bernie Meyer (in blue shirt) blocking traffic onto the Bangor Trident base during their nonviolent direct action.

Photo by Leonard Eiger of three men blocking traffic onto the Bangor Trident base during their nonviolent direct action.

from Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action

Thirty-five people were present on May 7 at the demonstration against Trident nuclear weapons at the Bangor submarine base. Five demonstrators attempted to block the main highway entrance into the base and three demonstrators were arrested.

At around 3:30 pm on Saturday, three demonstrators entered the main highway and briefly blocked traffic on the federal side of the Main gate at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor. The three demonstrators carried an illustration of Fr. Daniel Berrigan, revered anti-war and anti-nuclear weapons priest, with a statement by Fr. Berrigan, “Know where you stand and stand there.” The three also carried a colorful banner with symbols linking nuclear weapons and climate change.

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Jeff Dietrich begins 4 month prison sentence today for anti-nuclear action; two other Catholic Workers soon to follow

Holding-Banner.6693from the Los Angeles Catholic Worker

Three Catholic Workers were sentenced to federal prison on April 21 for their nonviolent action at Vandenberg Air Force Base on August 8, 2015. Jeff Dietrich (Los Angeles Catholic Worker) and Dennis Apel (Guadalupe Catholic Worker) each received a four month sentence, and David Omondi (Los Angeles Catholic Worker) received a 2 month sentence. The men are required to self-surrender on different dates in early May.

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Daniel Berrigan SJ – nuclear and war resister, poet, priest, pacifist and prophet – dies at age 94

Berrigan1-1April 30, 2016

Daniel Berrigan, Uncle, Brother, Friend


A statement from the Family of Father Dan Berrigan, SJ

This afternoon around 2:30, a great soul left this earth. Close family missed the “time of death” by half an hour, but Dan was not alone, held and prayed out of this plane of existence by his friends. We – Liz McAlister, Kate, Jerry and Frida Berrigan, Carla and Marc Berrigan-Pittarelli—were blessed to be among friends—Patrick Walsh, Joe Cosgrove, Father Joe Towle and Maureen McCafferty—able to surround Daniel Berrigan’s body for the afternoon into the evening.

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Arms trade fair blockaders found NOT GUILTY by judge!

13007368_1197647756926118_2759780459247314753_nProtesters who blockaded London arms trade fair acquitted after judge sees evidence of illegal weapons on sale

The judge said there was compelling evidence that illegal arms were on sale at DSEI

from the Independent

by Jon Stone

There is compelling evidence that arms were illegally being sold at the world’s biggest arms fair which takes place in London, a judge has ruled.

Stratford Magistrates Court on Friday acquitted eight anti-arms trade protesters who tried to disrupt Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) last September.

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NATO 3 defendant Jared Chase gets more prison time

Jared Chase  photo by IDOC

Jared Chase
photo by IDOC

Nato protester’s prison term extended for throwing human waste at guard

Jared Chase, who was imprisoned on charges related to a Nato protest, has Huntington’s disease and experts say he deserves treatment not punishment
By Renée Feltz
for the Guardian Tuesday 12 April 2016

Editor’s note: Letters of support can be sent to Jared Chase at the address listed here, and updates are posted by his support group at

A 30-year-old Illinois prisoner diagnosed with a degenerative disease that destroys higher brain functioning will spend at least two more years behind bars for conduct experts say deserves treatment instead of disciplinary action.

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Bangor Eight guilty of faithful resistance

The Bangor Eight defendants in front of the courthouse

The Bangor Eight defendants in front of the courthouse

from Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action

by Leonard Eiger

Eight peace activists stood trial On Friday, April 1, 2016 in US District Court on charges of trespassing onto a US nuclear weapons base.

On August 10, 2015 the eight activists crossed the blue line onto Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, which represents the largest operational concentration of nuclear weapons in the US arsenal, in an act of nonviolent civil resistance. Some staged a die-in, spreading ashes around others’ bodies on the asphalt, while two members of the group attempted to deliver a letter to the base commander (CLICK HERE to read the letter) urging him to uphold international law regarding nuclear weapons.

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More Arrests at Creech Air Force Base Trying to Stop Drone Warfare

Photo by Sharat

Photo by Sharat

from Nevada Desert Experience

Indian Springs, NV – On Friday, April 1, morning traffic at Creech Air Force Base was diverted by dozens of peace and justice activists attempting to shut down the armed drone attack program through nonviolent civil resistance. At 7:45 a.m., twelve peaceful resisters were arrested at the two main gates of Creech. At 10:00 a.m. another six were arrested at the main East Gate while blocking the entrance with “crime scene” tape, referring to the criminal activity of weaponized drone terrorism conducted at Creech, killing thousands of non-combatants and civilians over the past decade.

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Military veterans arrested blockading Creech Air Force Base during drone protest

12931166_10207323365256708_7274062228681264687_n (1)from Nevada Desert Experience

Indian Springs, NV – During peak rush hour traffic on Thursday, March 31 at Creech Air Force Base, military veterans and friends were arrested while waving Veterans for Peace (VFP) flags and nonviolently blocking traffic at the East Gate on Hwy. 95, the primary commuter gate into the base. As the traffic was impeded, Las Vegas police diverted cars up the highway to less used, alternative gates.

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Peace walkers arrested at Creech drone war base and Nevada nuclear test site

Photo by Mary Lou Anderson

Photo by Mary Lou Anderson

INDIAN SPRINGS, NV – At 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, four women and four men were arrested during a nonviolent demonstration of peace in the roadway leading to Creech Air Force Base. On the 20th consecutive year of springtime prayer-walks to the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS, formerly the Nevada Nuclear Test Site), the Sacred Peace Walk of three dozen peace walkers hosted by Nevada Desert Experience was half-way through the pilgrimage to the NNSS. The prayer-action that morning at Creech was held from 6:45 to 8:45 a.m., with notably less traffic than usual for a weekday morning at the U.S.’ premier drone warfare base.

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Four arrested during Good Friday witness at Pentagon: “Put Away the Sword!”

1917833_263753497290565_201753604948527547_nfrom Art Laffin, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, Washington, D.C.

From Holy Thursday afternoon to Good Friday afternoon (March 24-25), some 25 friends gathered in D.C. for a Faith and Resistance retreat and public witness that was organized by the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker and held at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church. Those who participated in the retreat/witness included members of Jonah House, the Atlantic Life Community and students from Loras College from Iowa. The theme of the retreat was: “Put Away the Sword – Stop Crucifixion Today.” Holy Thursday was a day of reflection, sharing, action planning and Liturgy. Good Friday was a day of public witness.

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