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The Nuclear Resister networks the anti-nuclear and anti-war resistance movement while acting as a clearinghouse for information about contemporary nonviolent resistance to war and the nuclear threat. Our emphasis is on support for the women and men jailed for these actions.  This website is the online companion to the Nuclear Resister newsletter, a more comprehensive chronicle.

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Three more to prison for nonviolent anti-nuclear actions at Germany’s Büchel airbase

Susan van der Hijden, Susan Crane and Gerd Büntzly at Rohrbach prison on June 4 (Peace Walk Büchel 2024 photo)

from Nukewatch

On Tuesday, June 4, the first ever female U.S. peace activist sentenced to prison in Germany in the 25-year-long campaign demanding the withdrawal of the U.S. nuclear weapons stationed at Germany’s Büchel Air Force base, began her sentence of 229 days, the longest ever imposed in the campaign.

Susan Crane, 80, from Redwood City, California, along with Dutch citizen Susan van der Hijden from Amsterdam, both began serving “substitute” sentences Tuesday  — for nonpayment of financial penalties — at the Wöllstein-Rohrbach prison in Rhineland-Palatinate. Susan van der Hijden was given a 115 day sentence, resulting from Büchel actions in 2018 and 2019.

Crane was convicted September 20, 2021 in Koblenz Regional Court in Germany on six counts of trespass stemming from repeated protests against the nuclear weapons “forward deployed” by the United States at Büchel, 80 miles southeast of Cologne.

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Peace Walk for a Nuclear Free World accompanies two Catholic Worker women to Germany’s Rohrbach prison

Kernwapensweg – Peace Walk for a Nuclear Free World

Day 1, 30.05.2024 Fronleichnam/Corpus Christi (bank holiday)

from Christiane Danowski

[Credit for all photos: Peace Walk Büchel 2024]

We started the peace walk with a vigil at the main gate of the NATO air base Büchel where we were greeted by around 30 police as well as soldiers inside and outside the base. Our group of 18 people came together holding banners. Susan van der Hijden, Frits ter Kuile and Margriet Bos successfully glued the posters depicting the Magnificat and a quote from Aaron Bushnell onto the road leading to the main gate of the base. Even though the police knew about Susan‘s “Hafteinladung” (court order, translates as “invitation to detention”) they decided not to take her into custody but instead told her to report right at the prison. Susan (from the Amsterdam Catholic Worker) will now stay with the group and enter prison together with Susan Crane (from the Redwood City, California Catholic Worker) on June 4th, both of them sentenced for past nonviolent actions at Büchel.

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Helen Dery Woodson, Presente!

Helen Dery Woodson, Presente! 
June 26, 1943 – December 2, 2023
Catholic peace, justice and anti-nuclear activist, mother and grandmother.
Helen was the longest jailed nuclear resister, having spent 27 years behind bars for the Silo Pruning Hooks plowshares action and subsequent actions.
May she rest in peace and power. ☮️

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Six blockaders of main gate at Holloman drone base arrested

April 24 blockade of the West Gate at Holloman Air Force Base

Six activists were arrested while blocking the main gate to Holloman Air Force Base on the morning of April 24 in a protest against the use of killer military drones. Denise Sellers (San Diego, CA), John Reese (High Rolls/Mtn. Park, NM), Natasha Robinson (Berkeley, CA), Toby Blomé (El Cerrito, CA), Virginia Hauflaire (Phoenix, AZ) and Ray Cage (Tucson, AZ) were released that afternoon after being arraigned.

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Ten activists arrested at Kansas City nuclear weapons parts plant

Photo by John LaForge of Jane Stoever & Scot Bohl placing crime scene tape on earth moving machines at H-bomb factory expansion site.

from PeaceWorks Kansas City

50 resist nuclear bomb production in KC; 10 arrested

by Jane Stoever

With workers streaming into the Kansas City Nuclear Security Campus (NSC)—not a campus but a giant factory making parts for nuclear weapons—50 Catholic Workers and friends took action to try to stop production of nuclear weapon parts at the NSC. And—oh, yes—we protested the building of new structures to make the so-called campus twice its size.

Three persons put “crime scene—do not enter” tape on a huge dump truck on the field the NSC needs flattened for the new building to make new nukes. Workmen told us, “We’re just moving dirt,” an amazing disconnect between their labor and the factory to come that will do mechanical/electronic work for US nuclear bombs.

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Two women cross the line at the Nevada nuclear test site

Beth Blattenberger

from the Nevada Desert Experience 

Nuclear weapons abolition and the liberation of the Western Shoshone Homeland were in the hearts and minds of the Sacred Peace Walkers as they concluded their pilgrimage from Las Vegas to the Nevada National Security Site in Mercury, Nevada on Good Friday, March 29. The spirit of Aaron Bushnell and the deadly fires and incineration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were felt deeply as our souls cried out for a cease fire and an end to the genocide in Palestine along with atonement for the egregious offenses in Ukraine and other parts of the world, past and present.

As the pilgrimage approached the line, Beth Blattenberger, of Salt Lake City, Utah, quietly continued walking across the line and was arrested for trespass.

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Good Friday arrests at Lockheed Martin in Pennsylvania

from Ariel Gold, Fellowship of Reconciliation-USA Executive Director

Yesterday, Susan, Rev. Fahed Abuakel, I, and others finished walking 20 miles (about the length of Gaza) from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to Lockheed Martin. Gathered with families and children too young to yet comprehend the horrors of war, twenty-five of us crossed onto the property of the largest weapons manufacturer in the world. 

Some lay down holding a list of the over 13,000 children who have been killed since October 7, 2023. Others held a banner reading, “Lockheed Martin, you have blood on your hands.” I was the first to be taken into police custody.

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Four peace activists arrested at Pentagon Good Friday witness

Photo by Dan Moriarty

by Art Laffin

March 29, 2024
Early this Good Friday morning, beginning at 7:00 a.m. as a beautiful sunrise unfolded, about 40 peacemakers from the DMV held a nonviolent witness at the Pentagon to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and to call for an end to the crucifixion of people today. The witness, which was coordinated by the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, included members from the Little Flower Catholic Worker, Norfolk Catholic Worker, Pax Christi, Franciscan Action Network, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, Eighth Day Community, Holy Redeemer Church, Our Lady Queen of Peace (Arlington), and other faith communities. Our witness was yet another prayer of intercession at the center of warmaking on our planet. We carried in our hearts many from our extended communities who could not be with us physically but joined us in spirit for this witness.
As Pentagon police kept a watchful eye on us from a distance, Pentagon workers and soldiers walked by us in the designated protest area, located behind bicycle fences on the southeast side of the building. We hung on the fence a large banner with a quote from the late renowned peacemaker, Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen: “Nuclear Arms Are The Global Crucifixion Of Jesus.” Standing behind this huge banner, some people held signs while others held crosses remembering different victims and wore photos of Gaza victims.

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Three peace activists arrested at Creech Air Force Base 

Sylver Pondolfino

from Nevada Desert Experience

On the morning of March 27, during an anti-drone protest, 89-year-old retired pastor George Killingsworth of Berkeley, California was arrested for drawing a peace sign with chalk on a large boulder near the gate of Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada. He was charged with defacing public property and released outside the base. 

Karen Pettit of Las Vegas, Nevada and Sylver Pondolfino of Staten Island, New York were also arrested while blocking traffic at the drone base. They were taken to the Clark County Jail in Las Vegas, charged with failure to disperse and later released. Prior to their arrests, a driver wearing a USAF flight suit lurched forward with her vehicle and made contact with Karen. No injuries resulted.

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Nuclear disarmament activist arrested after writing messages on the Ministry of Defence building

from Catholic Peace Action

On March 13, Ray Towey marked the Ministry of Defence in London, as a witness against the nuclear war preparations of the U.K. government.

Ray was supported by Carmel and Dan Martin.  

As usual, we started in the nearby park with prayers and readings from the Bible and “Follow Me – The Way of the Cross”, with reflections taken from the writings of Blessed Franz Jagerstatter (pub Pax Christi).  Prepared and led by Carmel, see below.

The police arrived after Ray had written several messages along with the sign of the cross under the MoD plaque:   

“Trident is Genocide”

“Choose Life not Terror”

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