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July, 2010


1) SUTYAGIN FREED IN “SPY” SWAP after more than 10 years in prison
3) RESISTANCE FOR A NUCLEAR-FREE FUTURE  Report on the gathering and action


July 9, 2010

Sutyagin Freed in “Spy” Swap

After serving more than ten years of a 15 year sentence for espionage, Russian arms researcher Igor Sutyagin was freed today in what is being reported as the largest spy swap between the United States and Russia since the end of the Cold War.

Sutyagin was not a spy, but reportedly shared sensitive information about Russian nuclear weapons from public sources with a London firm.  His research drew the unwelcome attention of the FSB, Russia’s secret police successor to the Soviet KGB.  His case was taken up by human rights organizations, and the U.S. State Department declared he was a political prisoner.

As part of the deal for his release, Sutyagin signed a confession.  The Guardian (UK) reports that “Sutyagin’s family said he maintained his innocence but agreed to the deal rather than face another four and half years in the ‘harsh regime’ of the penal colony at Kholmogory near Arkhangelsk.”

Sutyagin, a father of two girls, had been in prison since in arrest on October 27, 1999.

EDO Decommissioners Acquitted; Elijah Smith Released

(from smashedo.org.uk)

Elijah Smith, decommissioner of EDO MBM/ITT, is free after a year and a half in jail.

All decommissioners acquitted -Resisting War Crimes is Officially not a Crime.

The EDO decommissioners have all walked free after unanimous acquittals following the three week trial which concluded on Friday (2nd July) at Hove Crown Court. What began as a trial of the decommissioners effectively ended up with the Brighton arms manufacturer, and the war crimes of the Israeli state, in the dock. Is it all over for EDO/ITT in Brighton?…


Resistance for a Nuclear-Free Future
Report on the July 3-5, 2010 Gathering and Action

Report from the Nuclear Resister, Nukewatch, and the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance

The weekend was bookended by a lot of hugging — starting Friday evening in front of the registration table as old friends reunited, and ending Monday afternoon outside the Clinton, Tennessee jail as prisoners were released into the hot July sun to await trial. In between, it was a powerful celebration of nonviolent resistance marking the thirtieth anniversaries of Nukewatch, the Nuclear Resister, and the first Plowshares disarmament action.

There was music, there was talking, there were puppets and Fourth-of-July burgers and watermelon. And on Monday morning, July 5, a new Declaration of Independence was delivered at the gates of the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex in Oak Ridge, after which thirteen people crossed the property line and twenty-three more stretched a long banner across the road to block the entrance to the bomb plant…


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